A small arcade-style game I created in a few days. Collect Marbles while avoiding the QWERX.
Attached marbles increase your inertia.

Each level you have to collect an additional mable.

Download QWERX for free  (Windows, 3MB).


zerocronA straightforward action-packed, classic shoot-em-up, a twin-stick-shooter, to be more precise. Developed since 2002, now 99% finished (working on the extro).

Inspired by Transplant (Amiga), Asteroids (obviously) and a bit of Xenon 2.

Featuring 99 levels, bosses, a lot of enemies, explosions and a shop to power up your ship after each level.

Lots of work went into this game.


marbellousStarted as a small browser-puzzlegame created mostly in 2011, I recreated it from scratch in 2014. Now it´s nearly finished (needs more levels).

Your mission is to clear the playfield of all marbles by connecting more than two marbles of the same color – while avoiding to leave less than three. Connecting more marbles with one move gives more points.


screen_wendelweltMy largest project was building and maintaining an Ultima-Online-Freeshard from scratch using RunUO and the original Ultima-Online-Client as a basis. It was a lot of fun watching players run around in the world I created (some played it daily for years!), but consumed an incredible lot of time. After about 6 years (2004 – 2010) I left the project, mostly out of time reasons but also to finally do something new.

It´s still online and playable for free at (german only, sorry).


screen_hurricanBetween 2003 and 2007 a small team called Poke 53280 created a Turrican-Clone called Hurrican. For this game, I designed three levels, Tower, Cave and Spacestation (and an unfinished Alien-level),  which were modified more or less before the release. Also I did some additional graphics and concept-designs, most got re-rendered, since I created pixel-graphics and Hurrican was raytraced. It was very interesting to see how much work and time went into a mere jump´n´run, but the efforts where worth it, Hurrican was very successfull.

And it´s still available as freeware.

Gem´X Clone

screen_gemxOne of my first experiments in programming games (in about 1999…) was a Gem´X-clone. Gem´X is, as you most probably do not know, quite a good puzzle game, released in 1991 for the Commodore Amiga by Kaiko.

I didn´t touch it for years, but it still seems playable online in Firefox. Only the SID-Plugin which I used to play the background-music is not compatible with modern browsers.

Click here to play Gem´X online.