about this site

The site was started 02.04.00, located at www.anima.myokay.net .
First it only contained the Dark Art Galery, then Classic Games were added.
Beside the regular updates, there will be the following new at nemmelheim:
Homunkulus - (german only) Fantasy/Sci-Fi Bücher Datenbank (generated offline using PHP)
Dunkelheit - a little online adventure using html and javascript, now playable, will grow bigger and better

At 25.07.2002 it contains 2571 images, 725 html-pages and has a size of 101 MB.
Most of the pages were written in html (and javascript) per hand.
Until now it had about 66.667 visitors since it moved to nemmelheim.de.

about me

Date of birth: 06.07.1976
Height: 1,85 m

Who is this guy ?
Just the standart role-playing, retrogaming, night-loving, book-reading computer-freak. Maybe.
Currently I am working at a technical Hotline and making small (commercial) Internet Sites.
This site costs me 10 DM / Month - and since I donīt like banners, I earn 0 DM / Month.
Why am I doing this ? On one hand - I want to practice doing Internet sites - on the other, it just makes fun ;)
Can you do something for me ?
Yes, enjoy the site, visit all pages, sign my Guestbook - and maybe give me a link.
Ah, and if your IQ is over 80 - try to solve my online-gemx.