to the Temple of Celal Kandemiroglu!

He created countless covers, posters and ingame-graphics, and these are to be collected here.

You surely have already seen some of his work, he made famous Game-Covers like Turrican or Legend Of Faerghail, many Magazine-Covers for PC/Amiga-Joker or PC-Player and ingame Graphics for games like Biing! or X-Out.

If you move ahead, there is a little info about Celal, to the right, there is the pride of this site: the galery !

Your Help is needed!
Do you have anything done by Celal? Please mail me a scan, or it you don´t need it anymore, contact me if you want to give it away or sell it.

I´m still shockend and deeply saddened, Celal passed away about 11-03-2022, much to early.

Just a week ago I was still writing with him, but now it´s to late to answer his last message to me:

"Ja kommt alles,nun tut mir leid,ich musste mein neu(Aber alt ,und nie gedruckt in Europa) KANE comic kümmern...Natürlich zum verkaufen ,und werbung.Selbst bezahlt druck kosten.So ich versuche wenigstens erste 300 exemplare verkaufen.Schon 200 verkauft.Nach 300 ,ich kann etwas verdienen..??
Hast du die werbung gesehen..?..
Ich kann neu titelbild von Kane und innenseiten zu dir schicken ,dann kannst du mein seite addieren.
Ich verde in kurze antworten alle frage..Bitte verseihe diesem alte mann.

So my dear Celal, I surely would´ve loved to add another one of your masterpieces, I´ll miss you and your kind nature. My sincerest condolences to your family and friends.

What´s Celal doing now:
After working as Art Director about 2 years at Wings Simulations and 6 at Ascaron Studio (e.g. Sacred), Celal moved back from Germany to Istanbul.
Now he creates 3d-Models as a Freelancer, you can view some examples at:

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