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This Site is (you may have noticed;) about Classic Games, mainly from the Amiga.
Since I wanted to know what happened to my beloved old game-developers like Kaiko, Graftgold or Horrorsoft, and I often missed screenshots, infos and downloads of many of my favourite games like Turrican, Exile or Z-Out, I created this site.

Best have a look at the tribute pages, they are filled with stuff you won´t find anywhere else. This site is online since 02.04.2000.

Greetings, T.R.Schmidt
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For Windows only - please look at my links for other systems.

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Kaiko History Page - Tribute to this famous Amiga - Company
Kaiko History

I once wondered what happened to Kaiko, the producers of Amiga-Games like Gem´X or Apidya, so I asked two of the founders, Chris Huelsbeck and Frank Matzke.
Here you will find this little Interview and many infos and downloads about Kaiko, also you can play their classic Gem´X - online.

Horrorsoft History Page - Tribute to this famous Amiga - Company known well for the Elvira-Series
Horrorsoft History

Did you know that Adventuresoft (Simon the Sorcerer etc.) were once known as Horrorsoft ?
This page contains an online-playable part of Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, and many files and infos regarding Horrorsoft and their games Elvira, Elvira 2, Waxworks and Personal Nightmare.

Exile Resurrection
Exile - Resurrection

I´ve never seen a game similar to Exile again - but since it may be the greatest game of this Genre I have ever played, I really would like to. This site is here to inform you about Exile, so you get and play it. And to inspire developers to create similar games.
Of course there are also some goodies included ;)

Graftgold History Page - Tribute to this famous Amiga and C64 - Company
Graftgold History

Graftgold was famous for games like Paradroid, Fire & Ice or Uridium.
They produced games for the Spectrum, the C64 and last but not least, the Amiga. There are only a few companies that´ve put so much love and detaills in their games like Graftgold, so enjoy a look at their games.

Matthias Steinwachs tiny Fanpage
Matthias Steinwachs tiny Fanpage

This site is dedicated to Matthias Steinwachs, the creator of some of the best and moody Amiga Soundtracks ever made, including ones like Ambermoon, Lionheart, Fate or No Second Prize.

He´s still active, doing great soundtracks for PC-Games like Demonworld 2 or ZanZarah.

Graftgold History Page - Tribute to this famous Amiga and C64 - Company
Temple of Celal Kandemiroglu

The Temple of Celal Kandemiroglu

He created countless covers, posters and ingame-graphics, and these are to be collected here.
You surely have already seen some of his work, he made famous Game-Covers like Turrican or Legend Of Faerghail, many Magazine-Covers for PC/Amiga-Joker or PC-Player and ingame Graphics for games like Biing! or X-Out.

Turrican - Screenshots of the Amiga-Versions plus the SETA Project
Turrican SETA

This site covers all you want to see or know about Turrican. Latest news, facts, tons of screenshots, downloads and last but not least the SETA - the Search for Turrican Alternatives.

The Oath
The Oath Shrine

A shrine about a fine, but nearly unknown, 2D-Amiga-Shooter in the tradition of R-Type, and X-Out. It was done by Sascha Jungnickel and Jonathan Small, published by Attic.

Z-Out Shrine
Z-Out Shrine

A cute little Z-out Webshrine, dedicated to one of the first games I ever played - a true classic which never got the attention it deserved. Maybe because it had to compete with it´s predecessor, the famous X-out.

Back to Top Classic Game Soundtracks

Here you can find 348 Soundtracks of Classic Games - mostly in exotic Formats.
These Soundtracks were created in times when everything had to fit on Floppy-Disks - so don´t expect any MP3s !

Back to Top ...only the finest Fansites (Linklist)
only the finest fansites This site is here to collect Fansites, Webshrines and Tribute-Pages dedicated to any computer-game, developer or software company.
Also, this sites covers only classic games - and by classic I mean games older than 3 years.
So, this site is thought for people who wish to know more about their favourite games.

You will not find the usual ROM-Sites dominating the web, each link gets reviewed first. This also is not another toplist, the sites are simply sorted by name.

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Retrocards ? Whats that ?
Simply Greetings Cards to remind your friends of the good old times of gaming. If you send one, your friend gets an e-mail with a link to his Retrocard. There are 26 classic games to choose from !

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·.¸(¯`·.¸All Graphics, Text & Html-Code handmade and (c)2001 by T.R.Schmidt¸.·´¯)¸.·
Most graphics borrowed from great games, including:Agony, Turrican, Rick Dangerous, Elvira, Silly Putty, Z-Out, Exile.
(C) by the respective owner / publisher.

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