Exile Resurrection ?

IŽve never seen a game similar to Exile again - but since it may be the greatest game of this Genre I have ever played, I really would like to. This site is here to inform you about Exile, so you get and play it. And to inspire developers to create similar games.
Exile is an Arcade-Adventure playing in a virtual World. You explore the underground tunnels and caverns of Planet Phoebus, searching for two kidnapped spacemen and your destinator, stolen by the evil scientist Triax.

The great things about Exile are:
  • The world seems alive, real, there is gravity, water, creatures - and everything behaves how you would expect it
  • YouŽre free to do anything - anytime, there are no levels
  • You canŽt die, you just teleport to safety
  • You can fly and even teleport
  • There are many ways to solve the puzzles
  • It is big, to solve it, youŽll need about a week
  • Atmospheric sound and music

So, if you are interested, hop to the "infos"-page to learn more about Exile, download the demo or jump directly to the "incarnations"-page to see what already is out there, related to exile !