Amiga Exile Screenshots / Sprite Rips

Later on you may encounter acid dropping from the ceiling

You have to pick up the big fish and carry him to this place. The big fish eats up the little piranhas - so you are able to pass. Without him, you have no chance - the plants donīt let your bullets trough and you are only able to move slowly trough them.

This how Exile 3d may look like. I took a screen of "Serious Sam" and modified it a bit. Of course this isnīt great, but maybe it gives some ideas.

Amiga Exile Title

AGA Amiga Exile Title

Amiga Exile - Credits

A typical shot of Exile, the door to the right is locked, the "mechanical Lemming" is harmless.

If things blow up in Exile, they do it with a big boom and nice Pixel-Effects, with tiles flying around. This time, I blew up a week steel-door using a grenade. (I also could have opended it from the inside...)

Very late in the game you find the maggot-producing-machine. The big stones you are pure Coronium - harmless under water, but if two stones of the same size touch under air, prepare for a big bang. Even stones of small size are enough to blow up anything !

Be carful on the surface, beside the wind there are constanly meteors falling down.

Mushrooms, an important part in the game. There are two types, one blocks your Jetpack nozzles so you only are able to walk - the other give you hallucinations and stun you. They also produce little mushrooms, that you may convert to coronium by holding them into fire.

Your Ship, the Perseus - Amiga OCS-Version

... Amiga AGA Version

... original BBC Version

... and C64 Version

Deep in the underground Commander Spark and his men are imprisoned. The energy-ropes may also affect you, gladly you are able to teleport.

These stones regulate the flow of water - what happens if they close ? Mmh....

The wind coming out of the caves is to strong - you may only fly down if you pick up a heavy rock that gives you more weight. Also have a look at the birdīs nest (left border) - it was breeding a grenade (stupid, isnīt it ?;) - nearly all (organic) creatures have a home in Exile.

The same shot in the AGA-Version. Judge yourself which one looks better.

The same shot in the C64-Version.

A typical riddle - you have to get out the bottle (left), but if you get close to the door, it closes - so you have to be quick.

If you dive into water, you move slowly and swim up - beside you carry something heavy.

Same shot in the Exile AGA-Version

If you ever wondered where the wind comes from: if two coronium-crystals touch under water they produce bubbles. The crystals hidden down there have to be gigantic !