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Apidya - Amiga Version ( (c)Kaiko )

Apidya - War At Meadow´s Edge

Apidya is one of the greatest 2d shoot `em ups of all times.
It is original, fair and plays very well.
Beside the normal weapons and speedups you also have a R-Type-alike megashot and you can have drones (since your a Honeybee that´s quite suitable ;). Enemies and levels vary a lot and there are several smaller bosses and secrets. But believe me, if you encounter a end-of-level Boss, you´ll recognize him.
Or did you ever battle a three screen wide Fish before ?

Believe me - it will take you to your limits.

Graphics and sound are more then excellent - so what may somebody expect more ?

(site might load a bit, sorry for the size...)


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Level 1 - Meadows Edge

Tip:fly into the moles home after defeating him

Secret Level

Level 2 - The Pond

Level 3 - Sewers

Level 4 - Techno

Level 5 - Panic


All Powerups can be selected 2-3 times and become more powerfull each time.
Makes you faster, but be carefull not to get too fast !
   Plasma Pulse
Up two 3 energy-snakes, burning everything.

Bomb - Torpedo
These two weapon systems are active alternate:
-The Bee drops an Energy-Bomb on the floor
-The Bee shoots two Torpedos, which are able to avoid small obstacles

Up two 2 drones who follow and shield you, fires own shots
Spread Shot
Up to 5 multiple Shots
Absorbs up to 5 shots per activation
Up to 3 lighning beams, shoots horizontal
Speed Down
In case you got to fast



Pause the Game (p) and enter ULRDABBA for maximum Powerups - but only once in the whole game.

Enter the following at the Titlescreen:
  • misshoneybee - start at level 2
  • deputyoflove - start at level 3
  • hastalavista - start at level 4
  • sneakpreview - start at level 5
  • showcredits + Return - view End
Press Help and Delete during game play for slow motion (untested!)


  • Shoot the big mushroom and collects the little mushrooms flying out for Shield
  • Collect the Angel after killing the caterpillar
  • After the mole has died, you can safely fly in his hill
  • You can fly in the big Fish-Bosses´ Mouth
  • After killing the Maggots, you may fly in the rats stomach

original Concept Art (by Frank Matzke)


Apidya 2002 is a remake by Stefan Becker a.k.a fl_cody, playable under Windows !

Visit for his homepage !


Review - Amiga Joker 12/91

(german only, sorry)