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Kaiko today (12/2002)

After one of the Ex-Kaiko-Members discovered this site and Chris was on a visit in Germany they met at their favourite China-Restaurant.
[from left to right: Peter Thierolf, Thorsten Lamparter (created Gem'x e.g.), Chris Huelsbeck, Frank Matzke]

Sadly, they didn´t renunite ;>


The following articles are from the german Amiga-Games Magazine (and contain many nice pictures;)



Get all Soundtracks and a player at my Classic Games Soundtracks section.

At synSONIQ, you can get the Original Soundtracks (e.g. Apidya, GemX) and other Chris Hülsbeck CD´s remade in high-quality on CD !
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Apidya Poster

Kaiko T-Shirt

Gem´X Screenshots

GemX Secret: Strip
(cutely animated ;)
GemX Secret: Threed
GemX Secret: Credits

Gem´X Samples

Zipped, in WAV-Format, ready to use with Windows Desktop. Or if you just want to listen to kikis sweet voice...
Get the file here

Quick´n´Silva Screenshots

It´s not directy Kaiko - they´ve done it under the Budget Label "New Bits on the Ram" (see interview) - but it has to be mentioned here.
It contains parts of Turrican, Sonic, Mario and many more (I´ve also seen Pogo and a Bubble-Dragon ;).Weird. But not bad.


GemX Wallpaper [JPG, 106 kb]

To set this image as your wallpaper, open it, then right-click on it and select "Set as Wallpaper".


  • Interesting: Screenshots of the never released Miss Honeybee (see interview!) - out of the german mag "Powerplay"
    kaiko1.jpg - 113kb
    kaiko2.jpg - 322kb

    Rumour:The chicken really looks like the ones out of Mr. Nutz (NEON) which should also have started as Timet the flying squirrel at Kaiko !
    -thanks to Robert Konrad and Akyman for files and info-

  • Here is an interesing Mail I got from a nice Person named Kaiko (yes, really ;) about the (or one) true meaning of this name. click here to read