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GemX is a cute little puzzle game, which had a lot of charm.
This was because of the good idea, lovely graphics, fantastic soundtrack and maybe not at least kiki and her friends.

The principle

There are six types of gems: red, green, blue, pink and yellow.

If you click on a gem it will change its color into the next but one lower.

The gems located left, right, top and bottom to the clicked change their color to one lower.

If a yellow or pink gem is clicked it explodes - and all gems on top of it fall down.
So far so easy ? Try it, and you will know better.

The game

Also very simple: you have to copy the right picture.
But you have limited moves and time.
If you have success, you get to the next stage - and if you complete enough stages, you may choose the next level.
Then you get a little reward in form of a sweet picture of one of kikis friends and a password.

Package & Disk


The manual

GEM'X Credits

Project Manager P. Tiefune

Original Programming T. Lampyun

Art Department F. Matzico

Music Score C. Hylsic

Voice Talents Stephanie

Hi, my name's Kiki!
Kaiko congratulate you for buying Gem'X, an exciting and totally original game which is sure to entertain you for many, many hours.
Gem'X is a unique brain teaser that combines graphics and sonically superb sound with some of the most devious puzzles you're likely to encounter. My friends and I are here to guide you through over 400 challenging levels. First though, letīs load the game.

AMIGA & ATARI ST - Insert your Gem'X progmm disk into the intemal dhve and switch on your machine. Gem'X will then load and run automatically.

CBM64 - Turn on both your machine and your disk drive and insert the Gem'X disk and type'LOAD '*',8,1'followed by the RETURN key. Gem'X will then load and run automatcally.

IBM PC - Turn on your PC and boot it up with MSDOS. Once the 'A>'prompt appears, type'GEMX'and press the RETURN key. Gem'X will then load and run automatically.

After a few moments disk access, you'll be greated by the Gem'X loading screen. When Gem'X has finished loading, you should see a screen similar to figure 1.
lf you lust for playing has reached a critical level, then you can hit either the SPACE key, fire on your joystick or the left mouse button to start the game. Altematively, press the RETURN key and you'11 be taken to the Gem'X options scraen. here you can set the gerne up so that two players can take it in tum to solve Gem'X.

a) Player
b) Mine/Round
c) Number of Thes
d) Tries/Lives
e) Levels to solve
Time limit

Once the game starts, you'll notice that the play area is vertically split into two equal halves. Although both halves look similar, you'll notice subtle differences between them. The basic idea of the game is to manipulate the gems on the left hand side of the screen so that they look exactly the same as those on the right.
This is achieved by changing the value of the gems by strategically clicking on the correct gems to bring about the desired changes (figure 2). The highest value gems are red, but they can degrade to green, blue, pink and finally yellow.

When you click directly on a gem, it degrades by two levels (red sidps green to become blue, green skips blue to become pink etc). This has a direct'knock on'effect for any stones directly above, below, left and right of the stone - these are degraded by one level (red becomes green, pink becomes yellow etc).

lf a gem degrades below its minimal level of yellow, it will instantly implode, forcing all stones above it to drop down, therefore filling the gap left by that stone. Clicking directly on a pink gem will cause it to automatically implode (figure 3).

The game's 400 levels have been split into 26'mines'which in turn are split into 16 sub-levels. Each mine is completed by solving a random number of sub-levels which are picked up by the computer. But beware - you only have a limited number of moves and time in which to complete them! (Clicking the right mouse button or pressing the BACKSPACE key to undo the last move is also counted es a'move'). lf you find a sub-lovel is too hard, pressing the'RETURN'key will sidp it.
lf you manage to master a screen, you will be rewarded with the bonus screen which adds the points you earned for that level to your overall score. You will then be able to choose one of two routes which will allow you to continue your joumey through the Gem'X mines. Once youve successfully journeyed from one end of the mines to the other, there'll be a big surprise waiting for you - go on, go for it!
By the way, you may have noticed that each mine has its own code word - simply type this in when the main game screen is displayed and you'11 be transported directly to that mine! Also, if

the write protect tab on your program disk is set to the 'Write Enable' position, the best 99 scores will be automatically saved to disk.

Scoring and HiScores

Transformation = 15 points
Implosion = 30 points
Transformation bonus = 200 points
Implosion bonus = 400 points
Time bonus (for completing a mine) = 20 points per second remaining

Where to get it

Sorry, I donīt know, but it doesnīt seem to be for sale anymore.
Since even Chris Huelsbeck doesnīt know who owns the copyrights (what happened to Demonware ?!?) itīs status will remain unclear. Sad but true.
It seems that Software 2000 are holding the publishing rights - but the only statement they tell is: sorry, not possible.


Enter at the Title-Screen: