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Super GemZ

GemīZ is a mixture of GemX and Bomberman.


Super GemZ Title

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Cheats / levelcodes

  • sake
  • demag
  • yuri
  • bonsai
  • gemx
  • japan
  • chunhu
  • sixpac
  • masuri
  • tasyi
  • apidya
  • a4000
  • lalong
  • fun
  • soft
  • gunho
  • takira
  • timet
  • sorone
  • kiki

For the interested:

As stated in the interview VME-Software picked up the Idea and made a Playstation-Game out of it - so here it is:

Inspector Gadget: Maze Panic or 'Panik im Labyrinth'

Marc Kamradt and Matthias Wiederwach once ported Gem´Z to the PC.