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Once again I chatted with Matthias about an Ambermoon-Soundtrack CD. "If you have 1000 (people who are interested), I´ll start", Matthias said jokingly. "Achievable number, deal! ;D", I answered.

So here it comes, if you would be interested to buy a complete Ambermoon-Album, totally remade by it´s original composer Matthias Steinwachs, please submit your email-adress. It will simply be stored and you´ll only be notified if I the CD will ever be produced. Of course completely non-binding. No Newsletter, no Spam, nothing else.

If you´d like to get an idea of how that would sound, have a look at the Amiga-Immortal 3-CD, it countains the Track "Ambermoon", which is the Song "owner of a lonely sword" played on a Piano.

Update: 688 Entries reached @ 19.10.2021 and handed over to Mr. Steinwachs! He already has created a few preview-tracks and asks for feedback, please visit http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=38753&highlight=steinwachs for more information!

At the moment Matthias Steinwachs is thinking about the possibility of launching a kickstarter campaign for releasing remixes of his music for Airbus A320, Ambermoon, Lionheart, Neuronics and No Second Prize on CD (https://www.gamecheck.guru/projekt-thalion-tracks).

As he's not sure if anyone would be interested in such a project, he asks for feedback via email/ contact form (https://www.gamecheck.guru/kontakt).

Wieder einmal chattete ich mit Matthias über eine Ambermoon-Soundtrack CD. "Wenn du 1000 (Interessenten) zusammen hast, fange ich an ;-)" sagte er scherzend. "Erreichbare Zahl, Deal ;D", antwortet ich.

Also hier kommts, wenn du daran interessiert wärest ein komplettes Ambermoon-Album zu kaufen, komplett neu eingespielt von seinem ursprünglichen Komponisten Matthias Steinwachs, trag bitte deine Email-Adresse ein. Sie wird lediglich gespeichert und du wirst nur benachrichtigt, wenn die CD jemals produziert wird. Natürlich völlig unverbindlich. Kein Newsletter, kein Spam, nichts anderes.
Wenn du dir ein Bild machen willst, wie das klingen würde, schau dir die Amiga-Immortal 3-CD an, sie enthält einen Track "Ambermoon", welcher das Lied "owner of a lonely sword" ist, gespielt auf einem Piano.

Ambermoon Soundtrack CD

688 / 1000 done!

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