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Zip  A320-Airbus.zip 68 kb       zip-archive  xcv
Zip  Albion.zip 122 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  Ambermoon.zip 614 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  fate.zip 105 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  Lionheart.zip 509 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  MaximumOfSound.zip 3.154 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  neuronics.zip 221 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  NoSecondPrize.zip 263 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  Turnit_title.zip 46 kb       zip-archive  
Zip  WindowWizard.zip 144 kb       ace-archive  
If you download the Ambermoon Soundtrack, please have a look at the
Ambermoon-Soundtrack Remake page! Thank you!

Zip Ambermoon_bar brawlin.mp3 5.030 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_burn baby burn.mp3 4.314 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_capital.mp3 4.106 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_chicken soup.mp3 3.487 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_close to the hedge.mp3 3.740 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_compact disc.mp3 4.740 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_dont look bach.mp3 4.680 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_downtown.mp3 3.806 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_dragon chase in creepy dungeon.mp3 4.804 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_game over.mp3 1.123 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_his masters voice.mp3 1.100 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_horse is no disgrace.mp3 4.227 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_Intro.mp3 4.884 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_la crypta strangiato.mp3 4.432 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_mellow camel funk.mp3 3.689 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_menu.mp3 2.086 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_misty dungeon hop.mp3 6.329 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_nobodys vault but mine.mp3 4.094 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_noname.mp3 4.198 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_oh no not another magical event.mp3 224 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_owner of a loneley sword.mp3 4.411 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_plodding along.mp3 3.970 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_psychedelic dune groove.mp3 4.315 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_riverside travelling blues.mp3 4.188 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_rough waterfront tavern.mp3 6.332 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_sapphire fireballs of pure love.mp3 7.079 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_ship.mp3 4.512 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_stairway to level 50.mp3 354 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_that hunch is back.mp3 5.576 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_the aum remains the same.mp3 7.123 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_the uh-oh song.mp3 354 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_voice of the bagpipe.mp3 4.453 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_Who Said Hi Ho.mp3 4.140 kb      mp3 
Zip Ambermoon_whole lotta dove.mp3 4.016 kb      mp3 
Zip  When will I be famous ?   html  
Zip  Ambermoon History   html  
Zip  Little interview   html  
Zip  Who is Matthias Steinwachs ?   html  

Why did you choose Sonic Arranger (the format of all Thalion-related songs) ?
Hmm - I believe, because it was good to create own sounds and instruments - very space-saving also.

You can download a suitable player at: