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This site is dedicated to Matthias Steinwachs, the creator of many Soundtracks for famous and classic labels such as Thalion, Ikarion, Funatics, reLine, Kingsoft or Psygnosis. He did some of the best Game-Soundtracks ever made, today he is still active, working for Funatics and Ikarion. And he is still living in germany (Schön, daß es das auch mal gibt ;).

If you ever boarded a ship or explored the creepy dungeons in Thalion´s Ambermoon - you should know why I made this tiny Fansite, I could lean back and listen to the music for hours.

Some News:
- The CD named "Sound of Games" by European Composers contains an orchestrated version of a Lionheart and an Ambermoon-Track

- Become a certified Game Sound Designer with Matthias Steinwachs! -> https://www.audiocation.de/kurs_gamesound

- The Immortal 3 CD is out and includes two Tracks composed and arranged by Matthias Steinwachs: Ambermoon and No Second Price!

- Also he is producing a Solo-Album and now has a homepage at www.audiotexturat.de.

-=New=- Please have a look at the Ambermoon-Soundtrack-CD Preorder-Page -=New=-

Matthias Steinwachs at the GamesConvention 2004 Leipzig, doing Interviews

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