The Shuttle
The Blastershuttle is a small, but extremely agilely built Fighter with a single rocket propulsion. A single cannon only is the basic equipment of this, especially by young pilots preferenced, ship. In whole you have four of these Blastershuttles to your disposal.
The Option Screen
The option screen allows you to choose between one- and two-player mode. On this screen you can further select what the sound is to be like. Move your cursor with the joystick to the entry saying "Music and FX". Once you press the fire button the entry changes and offers you the possibility to turn off the music, the Sound effects or even both. By selecting the entry "High Scores" you can have a look at the list of the 30 best pilots. Of course, this list will be kept updated by the program in saving the list to disk. Therefor you must take care, not to activate the write protection on your disk. Selecting the entry called "Music Test" allows you to listen to all of the six on-game songs. The last entry in this menu is called "Password". After you've played through half the game, the program will give you a password which allows you to enter the game, starting with the 4. Level at any time. To enter the password, this entry is the one you're looking for.

The Screen
Your journey will take you into increasingly dangerous areas, represented by six increasingly difficult, horizontally scrolling levels. Each level has its own, specific look and life.
The Cockpit

At the bottom of the screen you find the Blastershuttle's cockpit. The panel for the first player is on the left side, the one for the second player is to be found on the screen's right side. Above the score panel you find some LEDs. Each of these LEDs indicates an intact shuttle remaining. With every destroyed shuttle any one of the LEDs will distinguish. On the left side, beside the score panel, the remaining energy for the shield is being shown. If none of the indicators is remaining active, the next hit will be definitely killing you - unless you manage to pick up an extra, restoring the energy. On the right side, beside the score panel there's an indicator showing you how many Power Ups are actually active.
Nasty Guys

At the end of every level a large opponent is awaiting you, which can be destroyed only by using certain strategies. Try to figure out those strategies and blow its lights out. Not only at the end of each level you will come across stronger opponents, but also somewhere inbetween, that have nothing else on their minds than to destroy your Blastershuttle.

The Weapons
Following you find a list of weapons which you can collect throughout this game. Take a close look at them so you recognize them while playing the game.

Cellent Industries Rocketlauncher CIRL-502

This model is the improved version of the popular rocketlauncher C1RL-501, supplying the pilot with increased range plus drastically uppo-wered impact.

Magnotronics Grenadethrower MTG-2.8 Mark III

Despite its forerunner, the Mark II, which tended to destroy the own shuttle, this version of the grenadethrower is much more reliable and further has an increased loading capacity. The grenadethrower is used mostly in conquering heavy populated areas.

Hedgehog™ Sonic Beam

Everybody knows the Hedgehog™ which is loved by every pilot. Due to its extremely high cost of purchase it is unreachable for the most of them. The Hedgehog™ offers a wide scattering of the shot plus an astounding impact which is superior to almost all other weaponry.

Cyberdyme Plasma Beam Vers. 9

Basically Plasma Beams have the advantage of penetrating any substance, regardless of any shields. Therefore they are, though less impact, extremely devastating. Compared to its competing product, the Cellent Industries' Plasmatic IV, this plasma-beam has a larger expansion with an increased accuracy.

LazerCreation Superior I

This on-board laser is the most commonly used lasercannon for Blastershuttles. First of all because of its very high operational safety and secondly because this laser has a phenomenal trigger-response. The laser is totally reloaded within breaks of seconds and ready to go.

Cyberdyme Rear Attack System RAS-XXX

This weapon has been especially designed for protection against rear attacking opponents and offers high security against everything sneaking up from behind. The inbuilt aiming-system offers a highly enhanced aiming accuracy than these of other manufacturers.

Cellent Industries A-Mace
With this weapon Cellent Industries tried for the first time to leave the path of customary add-on weapons for Blastershuttles. With some success, since the A-Mace offers an allround protection against all sorts of attacks. The radius in which the mace surrounds the shuttle automatically adjusts to its level of peak load.

Following you find a list of extras which will appear throughout the game.

This extra gives you the ability to load up your weapon. i The longer the loading time, the stronger the impact. To load your weapon just keep the fire button pressed. J Once you release it, the shot will be launched.


The 1 -UP gives you one more shuttle to your disposal. This will probably make your task a little easier.


This Anti-Matter bomb destroys every life that is actually on the screen - except your own.


This extra increases your weapons' impact.

Speed Up

This extra increases the shuttle's agility a lot, allowing you to fly more dangerous maneuvres.


This one refreshes the energy used for the shield surrounding your shuttle. This extra might become vital to you, if all the energy for the shield has been used up.


This extra generates a protection shield around your shuttle. Unfortunately it is time limited and will vanish after some seconds.
(Text by Guido Henkel, Illustrations by Tim Hesse)