Composing Music

The last weeks I´m composing ingame music for ZEROCRON, in synthwave/retrowave-style. I´m quite satisfied with the results, but everytime I compose a new track it is tough to get started. Two of nine tracks done so far, excluding the existing boss and extro-music. And scrapped a load of half finished attempts I didn´t like.

Also started to rewriting the music-handling routines since I initially hadn´t planned on having music in every level.

And here a view of the editor. About 50% work is to tweak synthesizer-settings. Really love the Revolta2-VST-Plugin. Sadly the underlying suite, Magix, is quite powerful, but really damn frustratingly buggy.

ZEROCRON 1.12 is live

  • after a Boss dies any remaining shots also get destroyed
  • enemies and bonus-capsule now much better visible on radar
  • Steam screenshot-function implemented
  • more shot-speedup-energy from asteroids and energy-absorber-shield
  • shot-speedup-energy slowly recharges itself now, may still need some balancing
  • some new Sounds
  • some Bugfixes

Zerocron Release on Steam

Finally ZEROCRON is up on steam. Well, at least as “soon to be released” for now. Made some final tweaks, now adding some steam-achivements.

Before I was stuck in the optimization loop of death for quite a long while.

I hope anyone else beside me will like and play it ;)!

What also took me much too long was composing a bit of music myself, just two songs, for bosslevels and the extro. But that also was an interesting experience.

Thanks to my children for motivating me to finally release it! 🙂