diy arcade joystick usb adapter/interface

And now for something completely different:

Some time ago I bought an old poker-arcade-cab and now started to rebuild it into a pc-driven arcade-cab. Since the whole JAMMA-approach exceeds both, my budget and current knowledge of electronics, I decided to do it on the cheap.

Since I got brand new arcade-buttons and joysticks as a birthday-gift last year, the first thing I needed was a way to connect those to my PC. So, i dismantled an old USB-Joypad and simply screwed it on a board, I used a cut plastic-corc as a spacer.

Now I soldered cables on each contact and connected them using a wire connector. This was my first time soldering a circuit-board, it was easier than I thought, but I was glad I had some desoldering wick ready.

Material used so far:

-Old USB-Joypad
-Plastic Corc
-Cables, from scrapped PCs / Resets-& Power Switches
-Some Cable straps