Zerocron Level 5 Soundtrack WIP

Getting more complicated. I was told by my wife that I played a 6/4 time, that made it a bit hard for me to match the rest, but I kind of like the result so far. Starts off slow and doubles speed in the middle.

One of the next songs will include a live large gong, played by my wife, which really makes some deep and also enjoyable disturbing noises.

Also had a look at other music-software, Fl-Studio looks really neat and affordable. But decided to finish the rest with Magix Music, to get the work done faster.

Also bought a plugin for it to connect external VST-Plugins, like this piano.

I still don´t know if I´ll continue to compose music after this soundtrack, but if so I´d switch then. It´s been pretty fun so far.

Five done, five to go!