Zerocron Level 9 Soundtrack WIP

Song #9 for ZEROCRON is now finished, took a while, I had to beat corona first. This one will be used in the Asteroid-Storm-Levels, try to imagine while listening ;). Again used the neat Aegis-Amiga-VST-Plugin, this time with an oriental-sounding organ at the end. Still love it. Nine songs done, one to go! Still to slow to have an update finished for Steam Winter-Sale.

Zerocron Level 8 Soundtrack WIP

Song #8 for Zerocron is hopefully finished. I like the cloudy background, but am not fully satisfied with the middle part. But I really like the ending. And it features a neat VST-Plugin, Aegis, which imitates the sound of Sonix, an ancient Commodore Amiga software synth. Love that.