Zerocron Release

Final fixes and changes done in version 1.09 and now finally released on Steam, phew. added windowed mode / gfx settings now showing a little bar if you collect energy from asteroids, speeds up your shooting-speed made some bosses a bit harder added a little gimmick in shop after level 24 Thanks to Lina, Benni and Felix for your input ๐Ÿ™‚

Zerocron Release on Steam

Finally ZEROCRON is up on steam. Well, at least as “soon to be released” for now. Made some final tweaks, now adding some steam-achivements. Before I was stuck in the optimization loop of death for quite a long while. I hope anyone else beside me will like and play it ;)! What also took me much too long was composing a bit of music myself, just two songs, for bosslevels and the extro. But that also was an interesting experience. Thanks to my children for motivating me to finally release it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Zerocron – enemypointer

I added an enemy/bonus pointer (the red thing floating around the player) which shows you the direction of the nearest enemy or, if not available, the nearest bonus item. You already have a radar, but especially at the end of the level it makes is much easier to find what is left.