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snajper  - 11.05.2023 - 13:38
just received the package from SLG.
Bernd   - 08.05.2023 - 12:39
Glückwunsch, bei mir weiterhin nichts. Hatte ja Teillieferung, vielleicht liegt es daran.
Robert  - 08.05.2023 - 10:29
Nach allem, was bei Strictly Limited so passiert ist, kann man schon mal ein schlechtes Gefühl haben. Aber ich habe nun eine Versandbestätigung, das gibt doch ausnahmsweise mal ein gutes Gefühl.
Bernd   - 08.05.2023 - 08:45
Und jetzt hätte ich mal gern Gründe gehabt, warum die Figur nichts wird.
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Large Update at amigaremix.com
Amigaremix had a large update, including several Turrican remixes, go have a look!
Merry X-mas! Yes, it's finally here. The biggest track update EVER. 56 tracks have now finally been released, way overdue.
Magniforce G finished
William Fay finished his Turrican Clone Magniforce G!

Get the downloadlink at the forum.

And give him some good feedback on the game and his musical projects, really impressive considering he is only 14 years of age!

His music, nice and chippy NES-Style, is also at the forum.

Edit: I´ve just uploaded the Magnifoce-G here.
Update for Pekaros T2002
Available as beta at Pekaro´s Homepage

T2002X is a technical update for T2002. The main purpose is to ensure T2002 running on current Windows versions while maintaining the compatibility to existing level packs.

IMPORTANT: This version is in beta status currently. There may be bugs or even crashes. Please report any errors. We will update this version regularly.

Download: http://www.pekaro.de/t2002.html

General changes:

- new graphics enginge based on DirectX 9
- uses fps downscaling on slow systems
- supports window and full screen mode
- supports any window and screen size
- can use desktop size as default full screen size
- rendering area can be set to any size and position on screen

- can use overlay and scanline images (for an extra retro feeling) - better game controller support

For level makers: - supports other image formats (e.g. png)
- .psb files will not be coded anymore, you can simply rename your .bmp or .png file
- new graphics and animation for space ship added (check your flight levels)

(See the readme file for more.)

More info at the forum.
Morgul Returns 2014
A video of Lukasz Maniewski great Morgul Returns levelpack for T2002, more infos at the forum.
Magniforce G Demo
A demo of Magniforce G is available, get the download-link via the Forum and give some feedback!
Humble Indie Bundle 11
The Humble Indie Bundle 11 includes Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and a fantastic Soundtrack (flac/mp3) by Chris Huelsbeck, Fabian Del Priore and Machinae Supremacy!

Oh, and a short Giana-Comic by Tikwa, which you might know from Space-Rat.

Go buy while it´s still available at https://www.humblebundle.com/!
Tech-Demo of Brent McGuires Turrican online
Get it while it is online, it looks promising.

Controls are Cursor-Keys, Shift, CTRL and Space.
Oh, and don´t press "a", it will make you explode ;)

The download-link can be found in the bulletin-board, quite at the bottom.
New Fact: Turrican 3 boss inspired by Marvel-character
The Turrican 3 / Mega Turrican Boss was inspired by the Marvel-comic-character "Stryfe", he even is named as such in the ASM source code of the Turrican 3 intro.

Source: http://astrofra.com, thanks to Florian Berger for the hint! :)
New Turrican Clone: Magniforce G
Xiphos2000 is working on a new Turrican Clone called Magniforce G.

Join the discussion and give some creative feedback at our Bulletin Board.

I now added it to the Turrican Clones-section, some more pictures can be found on Facebook.

Also, Brent McGuires Turrican Clone seems to make some progress, details also in the Bulletin Board.

Aaalso: Added Roberts Hyper Turrican Mega Leet 5-Turrican (...HTML5-Turrican...) which is now very playable to the clones!
Gunlord Indigogo campaign cancelled
Sadly the Indigogo-Campaign to fund porting Gunlord to PC, 3DS and WiiU was cancelled prematurely after reaching only ~6.000 of the needed 40.000 EUR. Hopefully they´ll give it another try this year, so watch out for it. For the time being it´s still available for the very affordable Dreamcast and NEO-GEO at http://www.gun-lord.com/.
(@NG : DEV . TEAM - hey, please keep me updated ;)

Turrican 2 C64 Maps
After 2 years of powermapping Andi Goller created maps of all Turrican 2 C64 levels!
Get them at Selmiaks page:

Other cool stuff and the Turrican 1 levels are also available there!
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology released
Finally the long awaited, Kickstarter funded, official Turrican Soundtrack Anthology by Chris Huelsbeck was released and shipped!

If you haven´t already got one, you can get it at: http://www.turricansoundtrack.com/.

Holy cow, are those covers cool! One was even done by by original artist Celal Kandemiroglu!
New Turrican Levelpack by Lukasz
As a Christmas Gift for all Turrican fans Lukasz released a new Levelpack "T2002F-Moja Wersja!" (which means "my version").

The new version of T2002 with redesigned and new flight levels, and soundtrack made by Vestron Vulture.

Get it at the Levelbase!

(Sorry for the late update!)

13 Years of Turrican SETA
And again one year! :)
GunSlugs featuring Johnny Rumble
OrangePixels new Android/iPhone-Game GunSlugs features the Character Jonny Rumble, known from the Turrican clone of the same name (available here for free) :)

More details at orangepixel.net/gunslugs/.

And sorry for the lack of updates and thanks for the emails, still no free time to publish all the stuff.
Merry Christmas
Another year, another try, once again I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Gunlord released
Gunlord for Dreamcast was released at Thursday, 21 June 2012 and is now ready for shipping!

Go order at ngdevdirect.com!

And again, the trailer, just to remind you of the awesomness:

Man in the fighting Suit added to Turrican Soundbase
I just added "Man in the fighting Suit" to the Turrican Soundbase, go listen!

AROS Port of Hurrican
There is a AROS Port of Hurrican in development:

Lands of Genesis available for free!
Amiga AGA-Amiga Game (or playable with WinUAE) "Lands of Genesis", which is quite similar to Turrican 2, is now available for free at amigafuture.de as 464MB-ISO! You need to be registered to see the download-Button.

Game Info:

Thanks to Gzegzolka for the tip!
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