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Got it!
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Message from Strictly Limited Games today.I emailed asking about my PS4 Collectors Edition
Aky  - 12.09.2022 - 15:27
We are currently in the process of shipping the Turrican CEs, so you should receive yours soon. But unfortunately our warehouse staff is currently a little shorthanded, so it takes longer than usual.
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The Game-Convention-Concert was great, and I met more of our little community then I expected.
Get some pictures here.

The only sad thing: like last year there will be no CD of the concert for sale. What a shame.
Smash Design´s Turrican soon finished
Now we have an official release date: 27.08.2004 !

And at Smash Design´s Homepage, there is a cool Video from world 3-1.

Beside the the amazing things happening on the screen is the screen itself - but go look yourself ;)

Mechanical Dreams
Mechanical Dreams Markus Siebold, Creator of the C64 Turrican 2-Soundtrack, released a new CD named Mechanical Dreams.

It´s for sale at http://www.siebold.org/.

If you want to know how his music sounds, there´s an exclusive Track "Epos (Turrican II Symphony 2004)" at the Soundbase.

New Wallpaper
Thomas Eberl made a new, Turrican Wallpaper "Turrican Fire" with Cinema4d, thanks a lot!
Get it at the Bonusfiles.

Turrican Evolution Player
Wizard programmed a cute little frontend for the Evolution I Soundtrack CD, also get it at Bonusfiles.

Turrican 3 Payment Day - PC Teaser
Turrican 3 PC Teaser Thanks to Tobias Protz and the and Webmaster of the PC-Player-Archive you can now download the 2 official and long-lost Turrican 3 PC (!) Teaser-Animations, running fine under Dosbox (further infos included in the archive).

Both feature funny cartoon-animations, based on Celal and Ogan Kandemiroglus Turrican-Comic-Character you may know from the Manuals.
And since it looks quite pretty, I made a wallpaper of it, waiting for you at the Bonusfiles, as usual.
New clone
Shezzor coded a little Turrican Clone in Blitz-Basic, only one level, just for fun, in three days. Added to the clones.

Turrican FPS
At http://www.musicbuilder.com/RevelatioN/ you can listen to a metal-remake of "the wall". This, as usual, ist part of the Turrican FPS Soundtrack.

Smash´s Turrican 3
They are now working at the last level, so we still must be patient.

Turrican for Siemens M65
It´s now for sale, but all who saw it said it was terribly slow. Anybody has one? ;)
Rescue T4e part II
Thanks to our ad here, they found a coder and are making nice progress. But since their main gfx-artists only have very limited time, they are searching for someone to do level-graphics. Have a look here for further infos.
And don´t forget: even more of us will be at the Game Convention 2004 in Leipzig / Germany 19. - 22.08.2004. Some of us may be recognized by our cool, black uniform. Well, or at least a Turrican T-Shirt. Best join us to invade THQ ;)

And just as a reminder:
A Turrican II - Medley will be played LIVE at the Gamevonvention at 18.08.2004 by the FILMHarmonic Orchester Prag. Infos here, order Tickets here.
Dusmania Pictures
At the Dusmania I played GGT - and I must say: start practicing, it´s very cool, but very hard!

I also met Pekaro and had a look at T2002 for GBA, the Pokes and the Super Konrad Bros.
And got an autograph from Peter Thierolf on my Turrican-T-Shirt ;)

And of course I got some pictures for you.

Oh, and FINALLY I have a real picture of Robert and Martin Konrad alias the Super Konrad Bros!!
This weekend you have the chance to meet some of us (Super Konrad Bros, Eiswuxe, Turri, me....) live at the DUSMANIA!

New CD by Markus Siebold
Markus "Ranger" Siebold, the musician of Turrican 2 C64 will soon release a new CD "MECHANICAL DREAMS".

And there is a new short but cool mp3, TURRICAN II SUMMER REMIX 2004 (C64), for free download at his site http://www.siebold.info.

Hurrican @ Giga TV
Two of the Pokes were at Giga Games TV to present the Dusmania, and since they had time left they showed a bit of Hurrican. Sadly I completly missed to see it, but I guess we will get a Video ;)
Turrican Pinball
Yes, really, and it´s fun. It was created by Vincenzo Di Giorgio by using Visual Pinball.

Get it here, I also added it to the "clones" page.

Turrican orchestral music live @ Gameconvention
A Turrican II - Medley (and other nice music) will be played live at 18.08.2004 by the FILMHarmonic Orchester Prag. Be quick and order a ticket, Infos here, order Tickets here.

A new Turrican clone?
Some people plan to make a new Turrican Clone, further infos at http://www.blub.co.at/board/phpbb_german/viewtopic.php?t=140. The search for a pixel-Artist, if this is a job for you write to ingful@gmx.de.
Turrican Soundbase
Turrican Soundbase Have you ever dreamed of an archive full of Turrican inspired music and remixes? Well, even if not - here it is: the Turrican Soundbase.

A project of Turrican Forever, Bronko´s Turrican Fanpage and the Turrican SETA.

Site improvements
For a little more comfort, the Shoutbox now remembers your name, and there is Chat-page with a nice applet available (notice the button below the shoutbox) for our usual two-week-sunday-evening-chat.

Also, the pages "in development" and "unofficial Turricans" now have joined to a new page.
If you have problems or technical questions on T4f, have a look at the t2002-support board. But keep in mind T4f is a modified T2002, so it may have additional bugs.
Dex´ Turrican Out - T4 Funeral
t4f Get it, it´s out and it´s free!

You can download the 60MB monster exclusivly at http://www.softgames.de/, and there now is a homepage at http://kickme.to/t4f!

There are five worlds stuffed with completly new gfx and sound, all in Dex´ unique style.

Direct link to download page: http://www.softgames.de/details.php3?gameid=790
Dex´ Turrican nearly ready for release!
Go and buy a joystick - you will need it in the first week of may!

Resue Turricane forever! Rescue T4e
As you might have noticed nothing happened a long time at the TurricanE Forever-project. Click here to read why and how to change it.

Turrican 1 Facts
Willi Bäcker, ex-member of Factor 5 solved a little mistery: the box to activate the elevator in Turrican 1 simply was part of the copy-protection. If you had a copy, it just was not there, as well as some other Bonus rooms. This had the advantage that the game was released as a cracked copy and all the fame-potential in the scene for the 1st release was gone - but you still couldn´t play it completely. And so, they had some more time to sell it.

Funny, Softgold / Rainbow Arts got phone-calls back then from people who said "I buyed you game but can´t leave Level 1 - give me back my money..."

But the tale of Factor 5 giving a version with this error to the cracking-scene is simply - a tale :)

New Shots!
Added many Turrican 3d and Turrican 1 C64 screenshots (and some infos). Get them here, as usual.

Siemens-Turrican official product sheet and more
There now is the official Turrican (for Siemens Handy) data sheet available, complete with all details about levels, weapons and enemies.

Especially have a look at the play-modes:
  • Training Academy
  • Quick Battle
  • Main Game –Campaign ( 24 missions spread over 4 campaigns)
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Score Mode (play any mission unlocked in the campaign mode)
  • Survival Mode (two unique battle arenas)
  • Fatal Flight Mode (two unique and challenging courses)
    As well as the M65-data Sheet is ready to download thanks to Puma.

    Dex´ Turrican news
    You will not like it. You will love it!
    Now you can have a close look at all enemies and weapons that will be in Dex´ Turrican. Also there are 3 music samples to download, and like the gfx they have very unique style.

    Get everything here!

    Smash Design´s Turrican 3
    AEG of Smash Design posted some news about their Turrican 3 for C64:
    Level 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, 3-2 finished.
    Level 3-3 mostly finished.
    World 4 First Grafix are created, code is in the beginning.
    World 5 Code is finished.
    Levels 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3 are linked now and full playable.
    Musics are in progress.

    And they think that the game can be released april to may 2004!
    Official screenshots of Turrican for Siemens Handys!
    turrican for siemens handys! Hurry and get a look at 20 official Screenshots of the upcoming Turrican for Siemens Handys from THQ Wireless!

    It´s true, its no fake: there finally is a new and official Turrican!
    Super Turrican 2 Manual added
    Added the Super Turrican 2 manual, Scan by Carlo Savorelli, thanks!

    New official Turrican! A new official Turrican: Turrican for Siemens M65-Handy!

    Yes it´s true. As Puma reported from the CeBit, the new Mobile phone M65 from Siemens will have Turrican integrated, and as he stated it looked a bit like Mega Turrican.

    Product link

    I hope we get some details soon :)

    The official Turrican Joystick
    After we were not able to buy the bundle of Turrican Joysticks at ebay (they were sold for over 60€!), I at least added a picture.
    Turrican FPS
    They now switched to Quake 3 Engine, but they´re looking for a new texture maker, beacause the old one has left.

    Turrican FPS will be released under the label "Fear Software" in three parts:
    First their new Story Of Turrican
    Second is T1-T2 Mixed scenerio
    And third a T3 scenario based Turrican Fps

    And they added:
    New Menu System
    Mutliplayer section
    New graphic arts
    New and remade models
    An Ending screen
    Cut scenes for the game

    I hope we get some new screens, soon. And even better: the nice heavy-metal-soundtrack is complete :)
    New Hurrican Shots
    Get som e crispy new Shots of Hurrican at http://www.poke53280.de. This time there are some shots of the Tower, Cave and Spider-Factory-Level.
    Windstille Win32-Exe available
    Robert Konrad was so kind and compiled a Win32-executable of the Winstille Preview. You can find it, as usual, at http://www.nongnu.org/windstille/. You can´t do too much (run around, collect diamonds, laying mines), but it already feels fine and I really love the tileset.

    Be sure to also check the extras to view a lot of cool concept art, and in the directory data\music there is a nice song (Ogg-Format, by Ralph Weinert, I guess).

    New Hurrican Shots
    At http://www.poke53280.de, there is a new shot of Hurrican, this time from the Spider-Factory. And the site has a new design.

    For all who didn´t already hear it: Ultrastorm is now working on the intro-pictures of the nearly finished GGT (Game Gear Turrican), so the release again got a bit nearer.

    Which Turrican figure are you?
    2 Souls mailed me a link to http://quizilla.com/, there you can find out which Turrican-Figure fits you best.
    Windstille Video available
    For all who don´t have Linux installed, theres now a Video of Windstille available. It´s still long until finished, but already looks like it will become a good game. Get it at http://www.nongnu.org/windstille/.

    More Turrican for C64
    You now can see some more remains of Protovisions cancelled Turrican-Clone. If you are interested, you should consider buying Hockey Mania from Protovision, they included all what was finished of their Turrican on the Disc. Get the old, unoffical demo here.

    IE/Zorks Game now has a title screen
    And it´s looking cool! Get a view at http://www.Banq-it.cjb.net before he changes name and url once again ;) And he wants to release a level at april 3rd (2004).

    Turrican Handheld!
    Have a look at http://www.gp32x.com/board/, there´s a thread on how to run C64-Turrican on the GP32x, a GBA-like handheld which is able to run emulators (and more interesting stuff). More on this topic soon.
    Smash Design are back!
    Years ago there was a demo of Turrican 3 for C64, but after the team was hired by Similis, the project was stopped. But now, as AEG of Smash Design announced, they want to finish it until April 04!

    Beside the name is has nothing to do with Turrican 3, it´s a complete new game.

    More infos and some (old) shots here.

    Turrican FPS
    I got some new screens and a nice mp3 from M.Baran Yasar, get them here.

    New Hurrican screenshot
    As always Hurrican is making good progress, get a new shot here.

    Zork´s Acsys-Clone
    It´s in development again, and now has a homepage at http://aga-system.cjb.net/, there even is a video with nice music to download.

    In Development updated
    Added some screens, changed some dates, and added Dex´ Turrican and Smash´s Turrican 3 in the list.
    Dex´ Turrican
    Is still alive.
    • Design for the first Level is finished
    • Music for alle levels is finishes
    • Bosses for Level 1-3 are finished
    • Enemies for Level 1-3 are finished
    • Title-pictures, new fonts and new sound effects are finished
    • His girlfriend did cool samples for the powerups (wow, nice :)

    Turrican FPS
    Is also still in development, release may be at 24.02.04, at this time they are creating maps and models. At http://www.soundclick.com/fearlord/ you can find the Title-Song "Fallen Angel".
    Happy Christmas!
    Well, happy Christmas to all you little Turricans out there ;)

    Thanks to Pè?èØdèå?h for the gif!

    Amiga Turrican (Symphonic Remix)
    Markus Siebold, Creator of the Turrican 2 C64-Music, released a really great remix, get it at his homepage.

    Turrican for PS2?
    Well, no. But Michael Reilly made a picture of how the cover could look like ;)
    To say it with his words:
    "Anyway, this is my small tribute to the artist and to a classic game, that gave me many hours of pleasure."

    Another rip or just coincidence?!
    As Martin Dostal found out, there´s a funny similarity between the music of Turrican 1´s flight-level and the game "Nodes of Yesod" (1986 by Odin Computer Graphics Ltd). Get the sid and judge yourself. And tell me you opinion in the Shoutbox ;)

    Turrican 2 and Toki
    We all know that Turrican was inspired by many (arcade-)games, and Tic0_o and McMonac now discovered, that Turrican 2 has a feature from Toki. Toki is from 1989 and so older then Turrican 2.
    A new Turrican by DEX!
    Turrican by Dex Since he was tired of waiting, Dex is now working on a new Turrican on his own. Much graphics and music are already finished, and it look really interesting. The most important thing for Dex is: the result should be close to how Turrican 4 could´ve been, and everything, including the Turrican sprite, is done completely new.
    Get the shots!

    New facts by Julian Eggebrecht
    It once was once planned to beam Turrican star-trek like into the stages, but they were never happy with the results. The remains were used in Turrican 2. This was the particle implosion-system mentioned in the Turrican 1 Demo. Btw: the intro text was written by Julian.

    Also, the makers should now be more correct, but still lacking some photos.

    New Wallpaper
    There was a nice cover showing Turrican on Juli 91 issue of Crash Spectrum magazine, done by Oliver Frey. Since I sadly didn´t manage to get the original without text anywhere, I now recycled what I had got into a nice wallpaper.

    New music
    Thanks to Stefan "biguser" Gutsch, I´ve added a new mod to the music menu, named "mind traveller". A bit big, but worth the waiting ;).

    For all who wondered why I didn´t answer emails or posts: I was offline quite a while, because I moved to a new home.
    cool new Wallpaper by nexus6
    Nexus6 has just sent me a pretty cool Wallpaper, get it - as always - at the bonusfiles.

    play Turrican mobile
    Dexter wrote some nice Tips and made some pictures on how to play Turrican mobile on a PDA. Get the guide here.

    Mega Turrican screenshots
    After sleeping on my Harddisk for a month, I´ve now put 68 nice shots of Mega Turrican online, as well as shots of package and cartridge.
    T2002 Levels
    I just made a new section at the bonusfiles, if you have any selfmade levels or tutorials for T2002 submit them (best as zip) and I´ll collect them there.
    Make your own Turrican!
    T2002 Editor Finally it´s possible: everybody can create his own Turrican-Levels, even with his own graphics!
    Pekaro now have released their level-editor for T2002, and even included a new level with new graphics.

    It looks quite intuitive, so I hope, we´ll see some cool levels or conversions soon.

    Thanks, Pekaro!
    Turrican @ GC 2003

    At the Games-Convention you have the chance to meet some of the people of our little community like Robert (webmaster of Turrican Forever) and Martin Konrad (Developer of GGT), Eiswuxe and the Pokes (Developers of Hurrican), Pekaro Team (T2002), Aky, McMonac and me.
    You´ll have the chance to see T2002 on the GBA and, if we are lucky, Hurrican riding on a Flugsack. And maybe some famous people like Chris Huelsbeck are there? Who knows :)

    For further and last-minute-infos visit the board.

    In the next issue of the Retro-Magazin, a little german print-mag, there´ll be an article about Turrican. Beside the usual review, there´ll be a story involving Manfred Trenz.

    It will be released 25.09.2003 and can only be ordered online. Get a cover Preview here.
    Windstille Update!
    Windstille The Windstille-Page had some updates, you now can view the main sprite in many poses, some pseudo gamescreens made with the gimp and a real ingame shot.

    By looking at the sprite movents, you´ll see, that Windstille won´t be a pure Turrican clone: the main charakter will move more like the one in Flashback or another World, e.g. be able to climb.
    And I fear, we´ll have to wait some more years for the release.
    What do Duke Nukem, Transformers (the Movie) and Turrican have in common?
    A scandal :)

    We already knew that in Duke Nukem 1 & 2 graphics of Turrican were used, but since many Duke fans at http://forums.3drealms.com/ didn´t see the evidence, I and Martin Konrad made some more shots to proove it. Also fun is, they also stole gfx from Megaman 1 (PC) and Savage (Amiga).

    But now the big bang:
    Much of the Turrican 1 C64 Soundtrack is stolen from Transformers the Movie (released 1986)!
    Compare yourself, listen to e.g. the song "Escape" found at http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/Prowl/sounds.html and compare it to Subsong 2 of the C64 Turrican Soundtrack. The C64 Soundtrack was done by Ramiro Vaca, not Chris Huelsbeck. But regarding to some other pages, they worked together on it.
    Thanks to IE (also known as Zork) who investigated this!
    There was life before Turrican!
    By accident I found a 3 Level-Demo of Turrican 1 on Disk 653 of the 17 Bit PD Collection, and beside three stages it features an interesting text and some nice bugs (waterfalls stop flowing...).
    Rainbow Arts proudly presents:
    The  first  demo-version  of  TURRICAN,  Rainbow  Arts newest title and the
    hottest action-game ever!
    Other things the final game will feature that are not in the demo:
    * Character-Animation (falling waterfalls, moving spikes and traps, etc.) 
    * Fabulous intro  
    * Even more sound 
    * Particle-implosion-system for the main sprite 
      (don´t ask us, just wait for the final game...)
    So, what may be a Particle-implosion-system? Who knows.

    Get it, as usual, at the bonusfiles.

    Gameboy Turrican Cover by Julie Bell! (updated!)
    Turican 1 by Boris Valleyo I never noticed before, but the Gameboy Turrican-Cover was done by the famous Artist Julie Bell!
    Proof: see her name on the bottom left of the picture. Well, that makes it even more sad that it looks quite ugly ;). Added to the facts. Funny: there´s another picture, which has an autograph of Boris Valleyo on it - which is her husband.

    Technical Turrican 2 Level details
    Martin Konrad found some interesting details on how the Turrican 2 Levels are built, more infos at the facts.
    There are plenty of portable Turricans available! (updated)
    On the PC-Engine, also known as TurboGfx 16 - there is Turrican 1 available, nearly in Amiga-quality. And there is a portable version of this console, the TurboExpress, which uses the same game-cards.

    Sadly it´s not so easy to get one in germany, since this system was most popular in Japan. If anybody has too much money, or wants some information on this, have a look at http://www.lik-sang.com/, they still sell it.

    For even more infos visit http://pcenginefx.com/TS/.

    Also rare (and so expensive) in Germany is the Sega Nomad, which is a portable Version of the Sega Megadrive and functions with normal Megadrive-Cartridges.

    Beside the rather disappointing Turrican for Gameboy, there now is the possibility to play the NES-SuperTurrican via Emulator on the GameboyAdvance, but I guess it´s hard to get a cartridge for this.

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