Zerocron Beta

Finally, I think it´s time for a closed beta of Zerocron, or else I´ll get stuck in endlessy tweaking the game.

Also I decided to release it as freeware / donationware, and somewhen sell a collectors edition in physical form. Promoting the game, creating extensive videos or trying to get it greenlit on steam really bores me to death, thus killing my motivation, even if it´s the right way to make a game successfull. But I don´t think there´s much money to be made with a simple shoot em up these days anyway ;).

Known things to do:

  1. Extro is missing
  2. More music would be nice
  3. Sound effects and volume need finetuning
  4. Bosses may be to easy since my last changes
  5. Credit roll is boring and will be replaced
  6. Xbox-Controller support missing
  7. Highscore leaderboard

Known Bugs:

  1. Joypad detections slows game down for some seconds after starting
  2. Some backgrounds have a display bug at the bottom

As an easteregg, I wanted to include the space station of Environmental Station Alpha as a background image, but sadly got no reply by it´s author, Hempuli. So I removed it and replaced it with incredible pictures of Pluto (thank you, Nasa)!

Since my PC is still to slow for screengrabbing-software, here a new preview, filmed with my camera:

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