Deluxe Galaga / Warblade


I wasn´t sure if it still was possible to buy Warblade / Deluxe Galaga (see my last post…) or if my money would be lost on some paypal-account, but I just had to try and some days later I got an email:

First of all We want to regret that it has taken a long time and that you have
not received an answer or the product you paid for.

We are sorry to inform you that Edgar has passed away this spring (2015) after a short illness.

We are currently working to send out the Warblade game to everyone who bought the game.

We also want to thank you so much for buying Warblade !!

Yours sincerely
Warblade Team

So, better late than never, I guess, thanks Edgar and whoever now manages the warblade-orders. And since then I had a lot of fun playing the full version of warblade with my son. It´s not easy to keep up with him, he´s quite good at shmups ;).